reach out and sway your booty

With their first ever live recording, TOK TOK TOK fulfil their audience’s longtime wish. For years, TOK TOK TOK fans from all over have repeatedly requested a live album, craving a memento of TOK TOK TOK’s unique live performance.
So here it finally is: ‘Reach out and sway your Booty’ - don’t miss it!

TOK TOK TOK (alias Tokunbo Akinro and Morten Klein plus Band) have always
made a strong distinction between their recorded and live performance, and
’Reach out and sway your Booty’ gives us a taste of the live sensation.
Coming from a trio background, when studio albums involved recording guitar, mouth drums and saxophone simultaneously, the repertory had to be adjusted to the stage setting. This approach made every TOK TOK TOK concert a truly unique performance with room for improvisation, suspense and surprise.
With ‘Reach out and sway your Booty’, TOK TOK TOK have taken it one step further, presenting the essence of their 10-year career in this intense live recording.

‘Reach out and sway your Booty’ harbours a collection of signature tunes from all of TOK TOK TOK’s eight studio albums dating as far back as 1999, but also including last year’s release success ‘from soul to soul’.

BHM 3008-2
26.October.2007  CD

Cover big
Stephanie Neigel
Introducing Stephanie Neigel
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Tok Tok Tok
Gershwin with Strings feat. NDR POPS ORCHESTRA
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Billy Cobham
Live In Leverkusen
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