Sweet Otherwise
Heather Greene

Dress to success – even in second hand

If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. The fascination of the “Big Apple” as a career starting point remains unchanged. With countless clubs and a population that keeps hunting for novelty, the city is the ideal stage for musicians of all genres. The singer-songwriter scene has been deeply rooted within New York for a long time. Here, the folk and protest movement around Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, and Judy Collins bloomed in the Sixties. Here, Leonard Cohen had his breakthrough. And it was from here that Adam Green started capturing an international audience with his eccentric anti-folk.

Heather Greene lives in New York as well. Her compositions, ranging from pop, jazz, and folk to country, are bittersweet and come with a tinge of irony and sarcasm. Originally from Detroit, the artist has played countless gigs in legendary New York clubs like the “Tonic” and Joes Pub, gaining local recognition. Two years ago, her debut album “Five Dollar Dress” made her “the” new sensation of the New York underground music scene. On „Sweet Otherwise“, Heather Greene presents her own version of modern singing-songwriting: a stunning multitude of styles ranging from delicately painted melodies, smoothly arranged, melancholy tracks to earthy rhythms and pulsating bass lines – and no end of exciting refrains. “I wanted melodies you would keep humming after the song is over”, she smiles humbly.

Hey Wait,Why, Don’T You Say Yes, Let It Slide, What I mean, Get Up And Go, (You are) So nice To Listen To, Moon Hangs Fire, Space, In The Game, Come And Play, Something New

BHM 1033-2
06.February.2009  CD

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