Metro Express

Metro is a group or better said a project creaed in 1994 by Chuck Loeb and Mitchel Forman, who are friends since their work for Stan Getz. The group was joined by German drummer Wolfgang Haffner. In this constellation the group exists till today. First bassist of metro was Anthony Jackson (1994), followed by Victor Bailey (1995), Mel Brown (2002) and now Will Lee (2007). After their debut album they released other albums. Metro express is their sixt album, presented on the label BHM. The group Metro is a constant factor in the contemporary jazz scene. Fusion, at it should sound like!

18.09.2009  CD  BHM 1040-2   more >>090204787630

Vans Joint
Bill Evans

Throughout his celebrated career, Bill Evans has explored a wide range of musical idioms, from straight ahead jazz to hip-hop, fusion, funk, soul, pop and bluegrass.
But on Vans Joint, he treads into some exciting new territory for the first time.
This triumphant collaboration between the veteran saxophonist-composer-bandleader and the 20-piece WDR Big Band Cologne is a match made in heaven. Recorded live in concert in Germany, this powerhouse offering features Evans with the dream rhythm tandem of electric bassist Mark Egan and drummer extraordinaire Dave Weckl fueling the well-oiled machine that is the WDR Big Band, under the direction of conductor-arranger Michael Abene. The results are exhilarating and even surprising to the saxophonist himself. “For me, to hear my charts with a big band just blew my mind,” says Evans. “Michael did such as great job. It was magical the way he enriched the songs, how he created colors and new harmonies in different sections and just took the music one step further. So it was a real trip to be involved in this project,and a lot of fun too.”

25.09.2009  CD  BHM 1038-2   more >>090204787609

Dean Brown

For his third outing as a leader, guitarist Dean Brown called on two longtime friends to complete a potent power trio. And in bassist Will Lee and drummer Dennnis Chambers, he wound up with the ultimate rhythm section. Together this dream team lays down some seriously funky grooves while interacting in the moment with jazzy abandon on DBIII: Live in Tokyo. Recorded in the heart of the Japanese metropolis at The Cotton Club, this vibrant live recording captures the earth-shaking energy and fiery licks streaming off the bandstand on three consecutive nights in this intimate Tokyo night spot. From finely-crafted Brown originals like the edgy “Take This,” the slamming “Solid” and the epic “The Battle’s Over (For Jaco)” to faithful covers of Jimi Hendrix’s “Up from the Skies” and The Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love,” DBIII: Live in Tokyo easily straddles genres while remaining organically in the moment. And the guitarist, a bona fide road warrior who has toured with the likes of David Sanborn, Billy Cobham, Marcus Miller and the Brecker Brothers, delivers some jaw-dropping fretboard fireworks from track to track.

Throughout this power trio project, nods to Brown’s youthful heroes – Hendrix, The Beatles, Jeff Beck, John McLaughlin – are apparent. “It’s not like I’m trying to relive my childhood,” says the veteran guitarist, “but I try to stay connected to what it is that made me want to be a musician in the first place.”

23.10.2009  CD  BHM 1041-2   more >>090204787647

Billy Cobham

Billy Cobham’s 2nd installment in the “Fruit From
The Loom” series is set to be released in March 2010 through his new record company BHM Productions.
The album features guest performances by Ernie Watts (woodwinds), Michael Rodriguez (trumpet), Marshall Gilkes (trombone), Jean-Marie Ecay and Dean Brown (guitars), Philippe Chayeb (bass), Wilbert ‘Junior Gill Steel Pan and PanKat, Christophe Cravero (keyboards and violin) and Marco Lobo (percussion). The compositions in “Palindrome” represent Billy’s re-engagement with music that he created as far back as thirty years ago: songs like “Moon Germs” (from “Total Eclipse”, 1975), “A Days Grace” (“Flight Time”, 1981) are presented in updated arrangements along with “Two For Juan” (1987, “Picture This”), “Alfa Waves” (“The Traveler”, 1995) and “Mirage” (“Focused”, 1997). Rounding out this musical portfolio are never before released compositions: “Obliquely Speaking”, “Isle Of Skye”, “Cancun Market”, “Torpedo Flo” and “Saippuakivikaupias”, the Palindrome song. So, as Billy returns to his roots so does he continue to move forward with fresh ideas for old themes to accompany his most recent musical compositions

05.03.2010  CD  BHM 1044-2   more >>tbc

It's only Love (live)
Tania Maria & hr-Bigband (Frankfurt Radio Bigband)

After BHM signed jazz giant Billy Cobham on the drums, another big name becomes member of the BHM artist roster. Tania Maria, the "Grande Dame of Brazil” celebrates her live cd debut on BHM with "It's Only Love" featuring the Frankfurt Radio Bigband.
For the excellent pianist and vocalist, it is her 26th album, which she now releases on BHM after stops at Concord or Blue Note. Jörg Achim Keller,
the conductor, adds special drive to the well-known compositions. "Big Band Samba" with Tania Maria at the piano and the vocals – rarely did a big band produce such a hearty Brazilian sound!

Frankfurt Radio Bigband are:

Heinz Dieter Sauerborn • as/ss/fl/cl; Oliver Leicht • as/fl/a-fl/cl; Tony Lakatos • ts/ss/fl; Julian Argüelles • ts/fl/a-fl/cl; Rainer Heute • bs/b-cl/bass-s; Martijn DeLaat • tp/fl-h; Thomas Vogel • tp/fl-h, Martin Auer • tp/fl-h; Axel Schlosser • tp/fl-h Günter Bollmann tb ; Peter Feil • tb , Christian Jaksjø • tb , Achim Hartmann • btb Martin Scales • guit, Thomas Heidepriem • b, Farouk Gomati • perc, Rodrigo Villalon • perc Jean Paul Höchstädter • dr

Conducted by Jörg Achim Keller
produced by Olaf Stötzler

28.03.2010  CD  BHM 1042-2   more >>090204787654

Truth Be Told
Mark Egan

One of the premier electric bassists of contemporary jazz, Mark Egan has distinguished himself over the past 30 years as an in-demand session player, valued sideman, prolific composer and respected leader in his own right. On Truth Be Told, Egan reunites with longtime colleagues Mitch Forman (keyboards) Bill Evans (saxophones) and Roger Squitero (percussion). The powerhouse quartet is fueled by drummer extraordinaire Vinnie Colaiuta, who brings his considerable chops to bear on funk-fusion offerings like “Gargoyle,” “Café Risque,” the uptempo burner “Rhyme or Reason,” the hard-hitting Mahavishnu flavored “Pepe” and the slamming title track.
Line up: Mark Egan (bass), Bill Evans (sax), Mitch Forman (keys), Vinnie Colaitua (dr), and Roger Squitero (perc).

09.04.2010  CD  BHM 1043-2   more >>090204787708

Revolution 69

For quite a few years now the idea of recording an album with Beatles songs has been in our minds and hearts. Since our early beginnings more than 10 years ago with our albums '50 ways to leave your lover' and 'love again' on which we assembled pop and rock classics in our own chamber music versions it was only a question of time when we'd rebond with some the greatest pop and rock composers of our time. And now, 50 years after the formation of the Beatles, this opportunity arose.
Tok Tok Tok has been re-acoustisized with double bass and fender rhodes and we are very happy to have won Ritchie Staringer, our first rhodes player for this project.
To maintain the tautness and power of the Beatles songs, we have deliberately abstained from long solos in our interpretations.

In order to do justice to their enormously versatile oevre, we included songs from all the main creative periods of the Beatles on our album 'Revolution 69'.

07.05.2010  CD  BHM 3012-2   more >>880831070423

The Clients

THE CLIENTS strike up an edgy yet up-beat pose, an almost cartoonesque brashness which is served hot with a twinkle of the eye and a good-natured laugh. This attitude is most prominently heard on the titles SUPERBED or ESTELLE, which dish out common themes as well as biting clichés -leaving a wry smile on the listener's face. THE CLIENTS pay their respect to the godfather of soul by homing into a serious groove zone

14.05.2010  CD  BHM 1048-2   more >>090204787777

A Tribute To Ray Charles
Maceo Parker & WDR Bigband Cologne

MACEO PARKER’s concerts with the WDR Big Band Cologne directed by Michael Abene count among the highlights of the Festival Season 2008 in Europe. Out on DVD Now!

21.05.2010  DVD  BHM DVD 08   more >>090204787784

Day & Night
Andy Winter

17.09.2010  CD  BHM 1047-2   more >>090204787753

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