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GMF have been ‘groovin’ for more than ten years; 100'000 people have been dancing and applauding frenetically to their music. It is hard to find a club or an Open-Air Festival in Switzerland that the band hasn’t transformed into a pumping spot. Festivals including the Montreux Jazz Festival Miles Davis Hall in 1997, the St.Gallen Open Air and the Gurten Festival in 2001 are GMF highlights together with their performance at the Avo Session, Basel in 2000, where they opened up for James Brown. The legend himself watched the band from offstage while brushing his teeth, rollers in his hair and was duly impressed. GMF just produced their fifth studio recording. Together with three live recordings, they have sold 20'000 CDs, which makes them one of the ten most successful bands in Switzerland. GMF have a fanclub in Japan and the Bahamas, where their music is broadcasted on a regular basis. These ten musicians have been developing their own musical style playing more than 500 shows on national and international stages. Thus, the band has never sounded better before. One thing has always been there and stays the same: GMF’s enthusiastic enjoyment of music, their incredible energy, fun and stage presence while performing live. GMF’s new sound has been expected with excitement; The CD was released in spring 2005. It shows the essence of a ten-year-creative process, eventually packed into a definition called “Beat Mondial”, a stew of different influences, prepared by the ‘chefs’ of GMF. A dish meant to reach out into the heart of all grooving people in this world. The expression «Mondial» is frankly a description for a crossover synonym that the collective is heading to. Considering their musical qualities, they do not fear comparisons with international acts. > Tatiana Ferraro - vocals > Rich Fonje - vocals > Bean! - alto sax, MC > René Mosele - trombone, keyboard > Andreas "Chnufi“ Michel - keyboard > Bernhard Häberlin - guitar > Thomas Reinecke - bass > Ohlê "Kimiñán" Gagneux - percussion > Daniel "Booxy“ Aebi - drums, MD
GMF Grand Mother's Funck
At the Funckyard
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