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Biboul Darouiche was born 1963 in Yaoundé, situated in the deepest south of Kamerun, as son of a Bantu mother and a syrian Kurd. Here he does his first musical experiences. At the age of 12, Biboul and his family moved to Syria and a year later -1976, the Darouiche family moved along to Munich. Biboul and his two older brothers built up the "Kuntah Show Band". They toured for 4 years with this Line-up through Europe and the middle East, the USA, South-America and the Caribbean

1978, with 15 years, Biboul plays with his brother Pasha, César Granados, Toni Perez and othe musicians in the Band "Conjunto Boriquen". One year later the band, renamed "Connexión Latina", is led by Rudi Füser and well-known quickly. "Connexión Latina" is the first succesful Salsa-Orchestra in Europe. By coincecence, he took part of a Jam-Session in the Club „Domicil“ in Munich and discovers Jazz and Jazz discovers him.

1981 Biboul was invited to the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, produced Moviesoundtracks for "Nordisk Film" (Stockholm) and founded the "Highlife Orchestra" with Fred Atkins and Amadou Jahrr. He falls for Denmark, for 10 years he stayed .

1983, Biboul and his brothers found the "Voodoo Gang". They have showcases in whole Europe. 1986 they were awarded for the "Best Ethno-Jazz Recording" with the Enja Produktion "The Return of the Turtle". 1984 "Elephants Wedding" was released. Untill their break up at the end of the 80’s the "Voodoo Gang" was touring.

1986, showcases and recordings with different Artists: Klaus Doldinger´s Passport, "Heavy Nights, Kurtis Blow, Al di Meola, Gil D´Or, Alfredo Rodriguez, with the Salsa Band Irazú, Lisa Fitz, Intergallactic Maiden Ballett, Ocean und vielen anderenand many others. 1991 Biboul moves to Paris. Here he is mostly busy with african Music: „I wanted to get in contact with my roots again. In Paris I played so much with african Bands – this has made me more mature.“ showcases and recordings with Ghettoblaster (Paris, Kamerun), Gui Bilon Camerlocks (Paris, Kamerun), Tzala Moana (Paris, Zaire), La Piro De Mbanga (Paris, Kamerun), New Look Libanko (Paris, Zaire), Tala André Marie (Kamerun), Charlotte Mbango (Paris, Kamerun), Graham Haynes (New York), Mike Ellis (New York), Brice Wassy (Paris) and others.

Dauriche returns to Munich and works 1994 amonst others with Othello Molineaux, Ben Besiakov, Gary Thomas, Tomas Franck, Moussa Diallo an der CD Produktion of Debbie Cameron "Tow the Line".

Since 1995, Biboul is a member of Klaus Doldingers Band „Passport",whose Album "Passport to Paradise" is developed, being followed by a Passport-Tour through Europe. With Roberto di Gioia and Adrian Mears the CD "Bitama“ is recorded in the same year under the Bandname "Babamadu". 1995 and 1996 he is touring with the russian Varieté Star Laima through the former Sowjetunion. Biboul gets an invitation from one of the best known Komponists of the baltic area, the Latvian Raimond Paul, to be a guestmusician in the opera.

1996 "Babamadu" is the Highlight of the Berlin Jazz Festivals with their record "Bitama" In the same year Biboul plays with Roy Ayers in the Jazz Club "Ronny Scotts" (London) and takes part of the recordings of the Band.

1997, Live Percussion Act for leading House-Producers and DJs (Milk & Sugar Recordings, Future Music) in Clubs like "El Divino" (Ibiza), on the Love-Parade (Berlin), "Popcom" (Köln), "nature One" (Koblenz) and other Dance Events. In the following year the "Scales Brothers", Martin and Patrick Scales, produce their CD "Our House" at Enja Records. Biboul acts as Komponist, Singer and Percussionist.

1999, Tour through England with Brice Wassy. Showcases amongst others in the Queen Elisabeth Hall (London) and the Opera Theatre (Manchester).

Since 2000 he appears for three years in the TV-broadcast "Ritmo" of the Musicstation VIVA.

2001 Biboul founds "Three for Heaven", with the DJ Serge Elidja and the Saxophonist Seb Carretier (Paris) playing Gigs in whole Europe.

In the next 4 years "Soleil Bantu" and "Blu Bantu" are recorded. A Brasil-Tour with Klaus Doldinger´s "Passport", the CD Production "Back to Brazil", a tour through Germany with "Zoe-Society" feat. Kimany Marley & President Brown and a Tour with „Soleil Bantu“ are also some of the activities in this 4 years.

Now, 2006 Biboul is taking off; In March ”Africa Is Calling” will be released at BHM, the first CD on his own Name, which he will be presenting to the audiences on a release Tour.

Biboul Darouiche
Africa is calling
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