Alain Caron
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Alain Caron was playing the bass professionally in Québec bars at age 11. Upon completing the 8th grade, he embarked upon his first Top 40 tour of the province. At 15 he discovered the music, which would soon become his life's passion - jazz. He taught himself how to play by listening and learning, following correspondence courses, and eventually attended the Berklee College of Music. It wasn't long before he was jamming regularly with some of the best musicians in Boston.


Opportunity knocked in 1977 when he met the Michel Cusson Group. At last, Caron found himself in the company of like-minded musicians - ones who could appreciate and respect jazz and the roots of jazz, as well as looking ahead to the future with open minds. With UZEB he found himself on world tours and with albums on the hit parade: pretty heady stuff...


Caron soon developed a reputation as a master electric bassist, a virtuoso on the 6-string bass. Not surprisingly, as he became more and more known as a player of some repute, he began to give master classes - at home in Québec, or abroad in France, Spain, Germany or the US - all places the erudite bassist has either toured, taught or recorded in. He is the proud owner of over 20 basses, many of them custom-built and highly sophisticated technically. In the last few years, he has chosen the solo route; writing and producing his own music for Le Band - and taking it on tour to ever appreciative audiences around the world.

Alain Caron
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