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A fixture on the scene for two decades, gigs galore, 4 albums, one live DVD -and now the new album “RELOADED. C’mon folks, if you didn’t get it before, now you really have no excuses anymore. If the grooves dished out by this crew don’t get your hips moving within seconds, you’re either an Indian saint, a wax figure at Madame Toussaint’s or the drunk neighbor who mistook the frozen pond for his jacuzzi last night. And the sonic heat blasting out of the speakers would sooner or later melt and move even those guys. It’s the third millennium and even ascetics, waxheads and involuntary cryonics know: Hiding at the bar isn’t sexy. You copy?
Not unlike the unignorable enthusiastic rhythmic activity coming from next door when your fictitious neighbor has defrosted and reconciles with his hot girlfriend, the solid backbeat and deep low-end served up by drummer Christian Niederer and bassist Thomy Jordi is just as much heard as it is felt. What a backdrop for guitarist Marco Figini and keyboardist Peter Wagner to lay down those mean wahwah lines and shimmering Fender Rhodes grooves, taking lengthy trips into heated solo-land whenever Dave lets them. Because Dave Feusi is the saxophonist, and when he isn’t playing those catchy themes or engaging in hip spoken-words,  he likes to solo himself. And damn, does he solo. Nice beard too. So, if you failed to make it to the next Clients gig (you waxhead), and instead just HAVE to blast out their new album “RELOADED” on your stereo until 5 AM (addictive, we know) and
your fictitious neighbor finally wants to kill you – blame it all on Peter. Peter Wagner wrote all this stuff. Calmly explain to the irate cohabitant in pajamas yelling at your door with a shotgun, that this music is the dog’s bollocks and the Clients were never in for the Nobel Peace Prize anyway. Hand him some booze and ask him to come in and get loaded. Or even better, tell him to get REloaded and to head back to his eager girlfriend. After all, he has enough time to rest when he’s dead (or frozen again), doesn’t he?
Damn’ right he does. The Indian saint thinks so too. Indian saints are always right. OM!



The Clients
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