Andy Winter




Opposites attract.” On “Night and Day”, the multi-faceted and richly contrasting interplay between a group of remarkably individual artists gives rise to musical synergies of an exceptional quality. The unbelievably creative compositions by Andy Winter are interpreted here by the German-
American Ron Spielman, who for years has been something of an insiders’ tip in the German music scene as a soulful songwriter and exceptionally talented guitarist.
Ron Spielman’s expressive voice and unconventional guitar playing fuse wonderfully with Andy Winter’s stylistically diverse compositions, repeatedly inspired by a variety of genres, such as
jazz, blues, funk, soul, rock and pop, without getting lost in any one category or resorting to straightforward quotation. Rather, the individual pieces achieve a completely independent, haunting form of expression beyond any known prototype. In terms of style and creativity, the Andy Winter Group today is often reminiscent a European Steely Dan for the 21st Century.

“Mood is the word that sums up this CD. For me, composing music and performing live is all
about a vibe, an atmosphere that I want to create.”
Andy Winter

Andy Winter
Day & Night
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