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A moving deep black voice, cool and androgynous, suited up with hat and tie – also known as “the famous Marla Glen Style”: Marla Glen is absolutely unique compared to all those standardized and exchangeable pop stars.
With her new album HUMANOLOGY, ‘The Glen’ – that’s how she is called by her band – hits the bull’s eye like never before. An album between self-mockery and social criticism, between questions of faith and confessions of love. This album is exactly like Marla Glen herself: a searching soul that’s always right on the money. 
 Marla has composed and recorded a wealth of new songs, only fourteen of which made it on the new album. These fourteen tracks are the essence of her creative phase during the last years. Between numerous tours through Europe, her break-up with her old business-partners, and the divorce of her wife Sabrina Glen (which was one of the first same-sex-unions in Germany), Marla used the time to come to terms with all those experiences, emotions, pleasures, and emotional injuries, and to transform them into creativity. Marla created a wonderful piece of pop music, which at the same time celebrates the tradition of both old blues and soul music.
Among others, the album features a new version of Marla’s 1993 hit record “Believer”. None other than Xavier Naidoo joins Marla in this hymn to religious faith, a song which hasn’t lost any of its relevance in today’s world.

In the song “Daddy”, Marla Glen deals – in a self-mocking, humorous way -with the ever-lasting gender question. “Come to Daddy. Daddy is gonna treat you good. Daddy is gonna treat you better, than any other Daddy would.” Whatever she is… male or female… We love it! On “Don’t try to keep me from going on”, she gives a no-holds-barred account of the hardships   the last years had in store for her. The song is a warning to her old associates, her former record company, her former management, and maybe even her ex-wife Sabrina Glen. “Don’t try to keep me from going on!”.
The most personal song is “White roses for my mother”, which is about the the death of her mother a few years ago.
Marla Glen has gone through a lot of trouble in the past years, but maybe it’s this very pain and her emotional performance which make this album such a unique and authentic listening experience.


Marla Glen
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